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Coastal Event Medical Management is the company of choice for event medical coverage in Hampton Roads, Virginia. We pride ourselves on long-standing partnerships within our community and long-term relationships with large venues and companies throughout the region. Various response models are utilized, whether it be an ambulance, an ATV or a medical tent, to make your event successful and safe.

We specialize in providing exceptional patient care and emergency medical support for event venues, public and private gatherings and special events throughout Hampton Roads and beyond. 

We are the subject matter experts. We bring the highest level of emergency medical possible directly to you.

Our service model provides customers with detailed plans to prepare for and respond to any medical emergency that may occur at an event.  Our staff is composed of trained and certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics with proven experience in emergency situations. Our leadership team consists of trained and certified Paramedics with years of experience in special event planning and crisis management.

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